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Kelp & Co. was founded in 2018 (yes, we’re the new kid on the block), by 22 year old Millie (another new kid on the block) with the vision to give skincare a makeover (pardon the pun). The beauty industry can be really ugly… it has become one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste & overpackaging globally. Whilst some plastic is necessary, a lot quite frankly isn’t. Nor are the boxes within boxes of unnecessary packaging, that have become common place, as brands try to outdo each other with the biggest and best unboxing experience. The result – a wasteful industry that is anything but beautiful.

So we set out to produce skincare without out all the BS – cutting out as much packaging & plastic as possible from our product, whilst also seeking renewable & bio-degradable materials where we can. As if all that matters if our product sucks? Luckily, we think we’ve got that right too. We started by choosing incredible Australian ingredients that we love & from there the one of a kind Kelp & Co. Face Mask was born. We just want to create damn good skincare that doesn’t compromise the very thing that inspires us – Mother Nature. 

Although not quite there yet, we’re well on our way to being 100% plastic free, which trust us is a lot harder than you might think! We don’t want a pat on the back, we think this should be the new normal & hope other brands start to follow suit.



To reduce packaging waste. It sucks.


Cleaner oceans & a healthier planet. Wouldn’t that be great?


Provide beautifully simple skincare without over packaging. No brainer.


Great for your skin & the environment. Win, win.


Support our mission to reduce waste. Kelp out.


Some things that inspire us: quality ingredients, Australian made, good skin, partnering with like-minded people, reducing waste & plastic free oceans. Here are some of the sources that fuel the fire in our bellies to Kelp solve the plastic problem.

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