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Jan 22, 2019


Here at Kelp & Co. we think the most important asset we have is our product. A beautiful, one of a kind face mask, made from amazing Aussie ingredients. We believe it stands alone & that’s why we back ourselves to go labelless.

Our mission is to reduce plastic & packaging waste, starting with our own. Adding labels just felt, well, wasteful. As a true testament to our stance against the over-packaging problem, we made the decision to go nude. We have nothing to ‘cover up’.

Our labelless face mask is the first instalment of our beauty brand. For us, it’s a question of need, not want. That is the ethos of Kelp & Co. What does the product actually need? It needs a jar, it needs a box, it needs a seal & it needs a lid. For those needs, we ensure we use supply chains that understand our goals & support our mission.

We just focus on our product. Because, well, it’s actually pretty damn good.


No label no worries? Think again. Regulations in Australia require us to list our ingredients on our product. We provide our ingredients on our website & again in a follow-up email. But we also have to provide them to you on the actual jar. We think this is a little behind the times. But, we didn’t use this as an excuse to stray from our mission, we have provided eco-friendly stickers to meet these regulations.

We provide you with our ingredients on a ‘label’ made from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, the material is biodegradable & compostable. The compostable material has 90% outdoor biodegradation within the space of 6 to 9 months as opposed to some plastics which can take up to 400 years!


The next product you buy (be it skincare or otherwise), ask yourself the question “do I need all this packaging?” We bet the answer most of the time will be “not really”. The beauty industry, in particular, has become overblown with packaging excess – placing boxes within boxes, wrapped in plastic, all because they think that’s what they need to do for you to buy their products. We think this is silly & we’re sure many of you do too.

We’re not trying to be eco-warriors or save the planet, we just want to reduce the unnecessary. To cut out all the BS.

We believe labelless beauty is a step in the right direction. Give the Kelp & Co. Face Mask a go, & help support a change towards wasteless beauty.