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Feb 25, 2019

Being a new company, we get a few questions about our name – Kelp & Co. We wanted to set the record straight. 


We couldn’t shake our kelp crush. No matter where we looked we kept coming back to Kelp. We feel so passionate about this miracle little ingredient that we named our company after it (Really?!) Really. Kelp has been used in beauty treatments throughout the ages. Dating back thousands of years.

It’s packed with goodies like antioxidants & vitamins. It’s also plentiful & grows super quickly when cultivated. Making it super sustainable! Being an Australian born & bred company it was only natural to draw inspiration from the ocean. This simple ingredient wasn’t to be overlooked, we love its properties – hydrating, repairing & anti-inflammatory. Through this love, our mask was born. 

The basis of our company is our sourcing of quality ingredients- the ‘Kelp’. Without this, we wouldn’t have a company. We use sustainable ingredients & only include what’s really necessary to make amazing skincare. This is our primary focus & fuels our pursuit of creating great skincare.


Company? Think again. ‘Co.’ stands for all the behind the scenes ‘Collaboration’ like ethical sourcing & supply chain management. The collaboration is just as important to us but it often takes a back seat. We wanted to do things differently & be upfront about our product, how to recycle it & our cause for creating cleaner oceans.

Additionally, we wanted to invite like-minded people to jump in and collaborate with us. Just like us, our referral program has nothing to hide. We are encouraging people who support our mission & like our product to share it & for that we reward them. Simple.


The .io domain suffix is assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory. It stands for Indian Oceans, we couldn’t find anything more fitting! We are on a mission to support reducing waste & preventing it from entering our beautiful oceans. It’s a constant reminder & reference to our mission. 


Kelp is simple, honest & raw skincare. The ethos of our skincare is mirrored in our Collaboration. We value transparency & accountability in all that we do. Including translating our mission into our product, ensuring we work with like-minded suppliers & partners. Ensuring we demonstrate this in our actions & interactions with our customers.

They say finding a name is one of the hardest things when starting a business. Not for us, we knew our values, what we loved & from there the name found itself. However, at the end of the day, a name is just a name, it’s the actions that really count!