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Veganism was once something that needed clarification. No longer! The vegan movement has entered the mainstream, with the trend towards a vegan lifestyle only increasing. This spike in demand has caused an increase in the availability of vegan products. This isn’t just about food, it extends much wider. From clothes, to cleaning products, to cosmetics, vegan consumers now have options when it comes to going animal free. At Kelp & Co. we are committed to providing vegan skincare, that is not only animal free but also sustainable & cruelty-free. But what does this mean? Here’s the low down on what vegan skincare is all about!


Vegan skincare doesn’t include any animal by-products. Obviously. The beauty industry has a long history of using weird & wacky ingredients in skincare and cosmetics, like fish scales (yes that is a thing) or crushed beetle shells. While some of these ingredients are less prevalent these days, a number of animal by-products are still widely used, such as honey, beeswax, gelatine, collagen, & lanolin. Finding skincare options without these additions has until recently been a bit of a struggle.


Common misconceptions prevail! Just because a product is vegan, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tested on animals. Go figure! Although Australia officially banned testing on animals for cosmetic purposes, there are still a number of countries that allow it, so tread carefully. Look out for appropriate logos to make informed choices on international products. This also applies the other way – cruelty-free products may contain animal by-products. So always check the ingredient list on any product making these claims.


Consumers are now more informed & demanding more from businesses regarding the ethical treatment of animals. The push for change is largely coming from Millennial & Gen Z consumers. These generations are more experimental & not only are willing to adopt a vegan diet, they also value business ethics much more than before. The increase in awareness of social & environmental concerns is reflected in their purchase activities & thus the growing demand for these products.


With an increase in demand for vegan beauty products, vegan skincare & cruelty-free beauty, more & more brands, both old & new, are making the choice to ditch animal by-products & go vegan! And the best part, vegan skincare can be enjoyed by everyone (vegans & non-vegans alike)! So what are you waiting for? Give vegan skincare a go. See what kelp, clay & aloe vera can do for you skin – you won’t look back!

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